WATCH: Earl Sweatshirt Basks on the Pacific Ocean in “EAST” Video

The visual accompanies the rapper’s Feet of Clay EP, released last night at midnight.

Well, the new Earl Sweatshirt EP was not as metal as we’d hoped, but at least it arrived with a complementary video. The latest answer to the age-old question of “Where’s Earl Sweatshirt?” is Hawaii, where the rapper filmed his latest video for the track “EAST,” which, per the YouTube comments, already boasts a meme-worthy beat.

It’s worth noting that the video—and the EP itself—is a much lighter affair than what we’re used to from the rapper, following the gross-out vulgarity of his Odd Future days and the open conversations about depression and fame on 2015’s I Don’t Eat Shit, I Don’t Go Outside. Instead, “EAST” is all sun’s-out-gums-out for the rapper, who cracks a few smiles while sipping on Coronas and blunts by the coast of a bay in Hawaii. 

Watch the video below, and stream/purchase a copy of Feet of Clay here.


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