PREMIERE: Psychic Twin’s Erin Fein Is a Survivor in “Water Meets Land” Video

The synth-pop songwriter’s new visual promotes endurance and self-care. 

Psychic Twin—the synth-pop solo project of Illinois-native-turned-Angeleno Erin Fein—wrote “Water Meets Land” as a means to describe life as a sexual assault survivor. This track marks Psychic Twin’s first new music since 2016, when Fein released her debut Strange Diary; her sophomore record is forthcoming. 

On the “Water Meets Land” visual premiering today—full of bold primary colors and Lynchian, neo-noir vibes—she collaborated with director Adam Weinberg, explaining: “The video was inspired by surrealist cinema, the colors and aesthetics speak very strongly to the visual world in which Psychic Twin exists for me. It is an expression of self inflicted pain and the eventual and essential acceptance, love, and forgiveness I was able to find for myself in order to heal. 

“I have gone back and forth what feels like one thousand times on whether I should be more specific when discussing what this video is actually about,” Fein continues. “No one would really be able to discern the underlying meaning if I don’t speak about it, and that is why I realize, in this case, that I have to. I feel if I don’t, it undermines what the purpose of this song and these visuals really were for me. A platform to process and discuss what it’s like to survive sexual assault. I, like so many people, endured a really difficult situation in my former place of work and it took me many years to talk about it. It was only with the strength of the other women affected that I was able to confront it at all. This video, for me, is a visual depiction of the process of confronting that internal pain and forgiving myself for what I thought i was my fault. Learning to love myself again and to care for myself the way one needs to, to survive what it feels like to be violated like that. To anyone who may read this, I want you to know you’re not alone and you can contact me personally, if you want advice on how to proceed if you’ve been in a similar situation.”

On that supremely generous note, watch the video for “Water Meets Land” below. 


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