WATCH: “Star Wars: Episode VII” Teaser Reveals Millennium Falcon With Some Surprise Baggage


Star Wars teaser? Well, sort of. To go along with other #STARWARSvBATMANvSUPERMAN mash-ups that J. J. Abrams has done on Twitter (always tagging Batman vs. Superman director Zack Snyder), the director gives fans a sneak peek on the current status of Han Solo’s favorite “hunka junk”: the Millennium Falcon. This clip actually feels like we’re getting a small glimpse of the new Star Wars movie. Except that it’s a mash-up, so who actually knows?

Judge for yourself by watching below. Either way, it features one crucial vehicle from the most recent Batman films—a lovely nod to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy—plus a melancholy John Williams vs. frenzied Hans Zimmer theme mix.


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