Woody Allen’s First Ever TV Series Has Been Ordered In Full…By Amazon

Access to the iconoclast director’s foray into television will come at the cost of an Amazon Prime membership.

Since 1966, Woody Allen has been churning out movies at an unbelievable rate, directing forty-four feature length films (ranging from the terrible to the sublime), with number forty-five—starring Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone—due later this year.

At the age of 79, Allen is apparently now up for something new, having just committed with Amazon to write and direct his first television series. As per the course for the filmmaker, there’s no title or plot announced, and in a statement, he further explained, “I have no ideas, and I’m not sure where to begin.” Classic Woody.

The deal puts an exclamation mark on a substantial beginning to 2015 for Amazon, whose original series Transparent took home the “Best Comedy or Musical Television Series” award at The Golden Globes this past weekend. For his part, Woody’s half-hour series has been ordered in full for a first season already, and is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2016 exclusively via Amazon Prime Instant Video (a service that follows the business model aptly summarized by Allen in 1983’s Zelig).

(via Indiewire)


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