What Is My Chemical Romance Trying to Tell Us?

The emo-goth rockers are sending out coded messages—and fans have theories.

My Chemical Romance’s much-heralded reunion is taking an expectedly cryptic turn, thanks to a new photo the band has shared on social media today. The image in question is a black-and-white shot of what appears to be a sheet draped over something (or someone?) on a hospital bed. The only caption for the photo is a vampire emoji.

Fan theories have been pouring in all day. Many online emo detectives are comparing the image to scenes from the “Welcome to the Black Parade” music video.

Other ideas about the image’s meaning range from a new sequel to their 2006 concept album The Black Parade to speculation that the band is plotting a tour centered around the revered full-length. This notion is fueled by scenes from the band’s original run supporting the record, which featured singer Gerard Way appearing on—wait for it—a hospital bed.

This is all happening while British fans eagerly await a rumored reunion MCR show in the UK. This would be in addition to the band’s live schedule in March 2020, which includes shows in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.


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