David Lynch Made Music with a Monkey Named Jack Cruz

“Dancin’ in the World of Love” and “The Flame of Love” are taken from Lynch’s new short, What Did Jack Do? 

When the Pixies famously sang “monkey’s gone to heaven,” they certainly couldn’t have anticipated Jack Cruz. Cruz is the heaven-sent monkey who’s teamed up with director David Lynch to record two new songs for the Sacred Bones label, both written by Dean Hurley and Lynch himself.

“The Flame of Love” is the lead track, slated for a limited edition seven-inch release. It’s a short but moving ballad that has to be heard to be believed. Listen to it below.

B-side “Dancin’ in the World of Love” is categorized by Sacred Bones as “an excellent example of Cruz’s emotional prowess and magical, gold-dipped vocal cords.” Listen to a stream of it via Bandcamp.

Both songs come from Lynch’s most recent short film, What Did Jack Do?, a black and white affair that finds the director interrogating the monkey Cruz, a potential murder suspect. It’s available to watch now on Netflix.


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