WATCH: Mura Masa and slowthai Tell Jimmy Fallon to “Deal Wiv It”

The UK artists teamed up for an aggressive performance from MM’s recent R.Y.C. LP.

Every so often an artist comes around who shakes up the late night TV circuit, like The Vines or …And You Will Know By the Trail of Dead in the aughts or Odd Future in the following decade. It comes as no surprise that UK rapper slowthai’s U.S. network debut was one such occasion.

Performing his collaborative track with producer Mura Masa from MM’s recently released sophomore album R.Y.C. on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night, slowthai expectedly stole the show from Alex Crossan and his live band, appearing onstage in an extremely Freddy Krueger sweater before immediately shedding it to mount Jimmy’s desk and serenade the host.

Things only get more punk-rock from there, with Mura Masa’s post-punk instrumentation rousing slowthai’s inner Henry Rollins. We see plenty of tongue and psychotic facial tics from the vocalist, as his wallet chain comes undone and whips around the stage. Watch the chaos in full below.


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