WATCH: Tyler, the Creator Reveals New Amoeba Hollywood Location

The LA rapper goes inside the new space thats adjacent to the Fonda and Pantages theaters.

Since its opening in November 2001, Amoeba Hollywood has been a major music hub in Los Angeles. Located in a massive location on the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Cahuenga, the shop has hosted myriad in-store events from luminaries like Paul McCartney and Lana Del Rey, with an Ozzy Osbourne meet-and-greet scheduled for later this month.

Ever since the 2017 announcement that the iconic building would be demolished to make way for a large mixed-use building, the LA music scene has been eagerly awaiting news of the store’s future location.

Now, thanks to a new video featuring Tyler, the Creator, the world finally knows what’s going on with Amoeba Hollywood. The store is set to relocate to the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Argyle, moving it from one very busy intersection to another. In its new space, Amoeba Hollywood will be adjacent to landmark venues like The Fonda and Pantages Theatres.

Tyler plays host in the clip, showing off the raw space that will soon be transformed. “My first studio album I put out, they let me get on the roof and take a photo with the big thing,” he explains, referring to a Tyler-sized promo for his 2011 album Goblin stationed on Amoeba’s rooftop. “And I was like… Ever since then, they have my support, they’ve supported me, and it’s been love. I’m excited.”


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