Jameela Jamil Doesn’t Have Munchausen, Says James Blake

The singer passionately defended his girlfriend via Twitter. 

The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil has come under public scrutiny recently, largely as a result of writer Tracie Egan Morrissey’s suggestion that she might be suffering from Munchausen syndrome, a mental disorder in which a person pretends they have an illness or injury. Morrissey combed through Jameela’s past interviews and tweets and revealed some inconsistencies in her accounts of car accidents, cancer, and mercury poisoning.

Jameela has defended herself via Instagram (“Some weirdo stalker started a viral conspiracy thread on my having munchausens apparently,” she wrote) but plenty of people were still suspicious, especially after she rather suddenly came out as queer last week, seemingly in response to backlash over her being cast on a new LGBT-centric show.

With fans and critics questioning the legitimacy of both her sexuality and disability, English singer and Jamil’s boyfriend, James Blake, felt the need to get involved, releasing a lengthy statement on Twitter. He defended Jamil, asserting every one of her medical claims to be true because she has Ehlers Danlos syndrome and is often sick. 

Since then, Morrissey hasn’t exactly backed down—but she did point out that she’s merely noting inconsistencies in Jameela’s stories, not making up lies as Jameela has accused her of doing. Would it still be considered libel? Who’s to say. 


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