WATCH: That One Time When Broad City Interviewed Sleater-Kinney

Brownstein, Tucker, and Weiss, in conversation with Glazer and Jacobson.

Well, this is certainly a match made in heaven.

Last week, Broad City sat down with the recently “reunited” Sleater-Kinney at The Ace Hotel in New York, and the visibly admiring comedy duo put questions—both sincere and silly—to the legendary indie-rock trio and, as it turns out, the feeling’s quite mutual.

In an hour-long panel discussion for NPR, the girl groups discussed the evolution of processes for Sleater-Kinney’s new record No Cities to Love, how Fred Armisen and Tucker’s husband Lance Bangs may have gotten us the new S-K record, and feminism in comedy and rock.

“It’s a big part of what we do, I feel very strongly about an alternative to the idea of women being ‘a certain way,'” said Weiss. “I think you guys are chipping away at that as well, that sort of stereotypical, quiet, demure, soft-spoken stereotype,” she continued, directed towards Glazer and Jacobson. “The three of us get on stage and we really try to break that down.”

“I think there’s an unapologetic obliteration of the sacred,” Brownstein added.

Watch the whole, worthy-of-all-your-attention-today panel below:

(via Pitchfork)


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