Why Do Cats Love FKA Twigs? An Investigation.

“this is insane, i’m so honoured and so confused…”

People have been sharing videos of their cats on Twitter transfixed by clips of FKA Twigs performing on a laptop or a television screen. The singer is both stunned and flattered, and has shared some related facts via her socials: A) her first word was, in fact, “cat,” and B) a cat recently followed her down the street for five minutes. What is going on here. 

There are a few things to consider. Firstly, FKA’s ex-fiancé Robert Pattinson is slated to play Batman in the next film installment to be directed by Matt Reeves—opposite Zoë Kravitz, who is playing Catwoman. Is that why Rob and Twigs were initially attracted to each other? The Bat/Cat connection? Truth be told, RPattz seems like such a cat person himself. Kravitz and Twigs are not dissimilar in appearance either, both with sort of delicate, cat-like facial features. 

So maybe it’s just because FKA Twigs looks the part. There’s a feline grace about her, a regal attitude the pets might be responding to. Not to mention her pole acrobatics—an athletic feat kitties could sadly never attempt, because they have no opposable thumbs with which to grip—are reminiscent of the joyous leaps and bounds of a cat in motion. Or a cat that has his claws stuck in a curtain and is twisting unintentionally but deliberately, ruining your pricey fabric.

Or perhaps it’s because of the register Twigs’ voice hits? Studies have shown cats prefer jammin’ to frequencies and tempos that mimic the sounds of purring and birds. Does FKA Twigs chirp like a bird? I can’t be entirely sure. Her voice can certainly bounce between octaves quickly. Around the two-minute mark in this Jimmy Fallon “Cellophane” performance, for example, there’s something akin to a twitter (the bird noise, not the social media hellscape—I mean, app). 

Either way, I’ll happily crown her Queen of the Cats and bow down.


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