PREMIERE: NoMBe Is Ready to Risk It All for Love on “Heels”

The track comes off the German-born, LA-based indie musician’s forthcoming April album CHROMATOPIA.

Musician Noah McBeth, godson of the legendary Chaka Khan—or NoMBe, as he’s known professionally—is driving anticipation for his sophomore album with new track “Heels,” premiering today. This is the third single off CHROMATOPIA, expected out April 3.

The forthcoming LP promises to tackle love and love lost. Noah has been in a committed relationship since arriving in LA, but they both travel frequently and separately, and he’s struggled with the demands of his art and his desire to commit, feeling “selfish and growing distant” from his lover who “deserved better.” The fear of losing her became the center point of this conceptual breakup album, which anticipates something he hopes won’t happen.

“At its core ‘Heels’ is about guilt,” McBeth explains. “It’s about accepting the painful consequences for your actions. Understanding that you have caused someone you care for pain, and therefore deserve for them to ‘walk all over you.’ I first heard ‘Heels’ about two years ago when my buddy Art Johnson played it for me as part of his album. Life took an interesting turn when he got hired as a visual director for Alicia Keys and decided to hold on the album…I was shocked and asked him if he would let me reproduce/re-write ‘Heels’ to use on my upcoming album CHROMATOPIA. Nothing feels as good as making music with your friends and completing something beautiful. The song speaks to what we both felt in separate instances and I’m glad for it to finally gets heard!”

“Put your favorite heels on and walk all over me” he offers selflessly on “Heels,” a bouncy indie pop track full of joie de vivre. Listen to it below. 


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