LISTEN: Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA Releases Music for Guided Meditation

From “Protect Ya Neck” to relax your mind, the rapper/producer/actor/director continues to display range.

The man who once warned the world to “Protect Ya Neck” is now advocating for taking particular care of one’s mind. Wu-Tang Clan impresario RZA has shared a new EP of music designed specifically for meditation called Guided Explorations.

The EP opens with RZA explaining the process of the “audio experience” that lies within the music, directing listeners to “Grab some tea, find a comfortable, seated position, and prepare to unlock [their] hidden powers.”

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Ideally, RZA hopes meditators will choose Tazo tea, the company he’s teamed up with to produce this new EP. It’s a hands-on collaboration, as the two entities have also come together for Camp Tazo, an overnight camping experience on Staten Island led by the Wu-Tang icon himself. Applications for the camp—which required a three-minute video explaining why you feel you should be allowed to attend—have already closed. For the chosen, entry is free, and includes travel from wherever the camper may live. See a Camp Tazo trailer under the Guided Explorations stream below.


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