Liam Gallagher Says an Oasis Reunion Is Definitely Happening Soon

Liam told NME that Noel will agree, despite their constant feuding.

Earlier this month, ex-Oasis band members and feuding brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher seemed to put a nail in the coffin of a reunion tour. Liam tweeted that they’d been offered 100 million pounds to return to the stage as Oasis (seems…far-fetched) but that Noel was greedy and wouldn’t comply; Noel said his brother was lying, and no such offer existed. 

But now Liam—who currently has a solo album out, 2019’s Why Me? Why Not., and a forthcoming UK tour—has told NME that the reunion is definitely going to happen, regardless of his brother’s petty grievances.

“It’s not been put on the table; it’s just been booted around,” Liam said of the reunion offer. “It is gonna happen, believe you me—it’s gonna happen very fucking soon because he’s greedy and he loves money and he knows that it’s got to happen soon or it won’t happen.”

Liam confirmed that the offer was for a tour, not new music, though he isn’t opposed to either—as long as it wouldn’t be akin to Noel’s current tastes, assumedly referring to his band High Flying Birds. “I’d do a record, but listen, it depends on what kind of record it is,” he said. “If it’s anything like that shit he’s putting out at the moment, I don’t think anyone wants that. I think people would give you £100 million not to fucking make that record, you know what I mean? They’d just go ‘yeah, look, here’s £100 million quid for the tour and here’s another £100 million quid to not make a record like that.”

This is a rivalry as legendary as Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, Taylor Swift and Kanye, Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski. Will it ever end? Do we even want it to?

As for an Oasis reunion, we’ll believe it when we see the two onstage together. 


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