Gary Numan, Suzanne Ciani, and More Set to Attend Bob Moog Archives Opening

Moog’s alma mater Cornell University will be home to the electronic music pioneer’s work.

Fifty-six years ago, Dr. Robert Moog reshaped the future of electronic music—not to mention rock, hip-hop, and just about any other genre that incorporates electronic experimentation—forever with the invention of the Moog synthesizer, instantly inspiring ’60s artists like The Doors, The Beatles, and The Grateful Dead, as well as kickstarting the prog-rock movement of the following decade.

In honor of this groundbreaking musical innovator, his alma mater, Cornell University, will become the site of the official Moog Archives beginning this weekend. A curated collection of relics including drawings, academic writings, and prototypes of the keyboard have been donated by his wife, Dr. Ileana Grams-Moog, to the university’s Carl A. Kroch Library.

The archive is going to be unveiled with an event called “When Machines Rock: A Celebration of Robert Moog and Electronic Music,” taking place from March 5 through March 7, and will feature talks and concerts celebrating the instrument. Notably in attendance will be “Cars” singer Gary Numan and Grammy-nominated electronic musician and sound designer Suzanne Ciani. For more details on the event, visit the Kroch Library’s site.


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