WATCH: Grimes Breaks Down Her Daily Pregnancy Diet

Hate fruits and vegetables, but love caffeine, carbs, and fat? Grimes feels your pain.

Grimes sat down with Harper’s Bazaar to discuss her daily pregnancy eating habits—and fans assuming the post-modern pop star is eager to ply her future progeny with healthy vegan fare are in for a shock.

“I actually hate fruit, but I’m supposed to eat it right now,” she moans in the entertaining video during which she details her diet. “I basically hate everything besides carbs and fat. I actually dislike vegetables pointedly, but they’re important to eat. It’s just like…vile.”

Grimes lovingly explains a favorite treat she calls “butter toast,” basically just a piece of toast saturated in a plate of melted butter, then topped with jam. The artist is also quite fond of matcha, shouting out the “fancy” matcha shops found in the Little Tokyo district of Los Angeles.

She additionally explains her desire to create a cookbook for people who can’t cook (with the general theme being “weird shit you can make very easily”), describes how a two-year diet of spaghetti made her hair stop growing and sent her to the doctor, and reveals her favorite restaurant (hint: it’s an old school LA taco chain). Watch it all below.


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