PREMIERE: PINS Dance Away a Bad Day on “Ponytail”

The UK trio shares the first single from their newly announced third LP Hot Slick, out May 29.

When we last checked in with UK post-punk trio PINS they were standing up to Brexiters in the video for their 2017 track “Serve the Rich,” a biting political takedown condemning the class interest of UK policymakers’ shortsighted campaign to have their country removed from the European Union. But after three years sitting with this bitter defeat, Faith Vern, Lois MacDonald, and Kyoko Swan aren’t succumbing to apathy—they’re dancing their way through the Boris Johnson era.

Hot Slick is the first album the group has released since pivoting from their label Bella Union to their own Haus of Pins, and it channels their pent-up energy into something totally danceable. “Ponytail,” the third single following the previously shared “Hot Slick” and “Bad Girls Forever,” echoes its predecessors in sound and tone, with the band citing LCD Soundsystem, New Order, and Suicide as influences. “Have you ever had a bad day and instead of crawling into bed with a bucket of ice cream, you swipe your mouth with some lipstick, put your high heels on and go out to dance?” Faith Vern queries. “That’s what ‘Ponytail’ is about.” 

Hot Slick drops May 29 via Haus of Pins. You can pre-order the record here.


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