WATCH: Spirit Club (Members of Jeans Wilder, Sweet Valley, and Wavves) Releases Sensory-Overload Video for “Still Life”

The beach goths are back: the San Diego supergroup will release a debut record this spring

Since shredding into the scene in 2008, Nathan Williams has mostly kept himself busy with the grungy, lo-fi-ish rock of Wavves, but he’s occasionally branched out from the genre he’s known for so well, working on a vibey beat project on the side called Sweet Valley with his brother Joel (who himself spends time as the guitarist of TV Girl). For the brothers’ latest collaboration, they’ve enlisted the help of San Diego pal Andrew Caddick (who looks like he’s retired the Jeans Wilder name for good), and by their powers combined, the three have formed Spirit Club.

Spirit Club’s debut video (which premiered over at Stereogum today) is pretty much a druggy visual bingo chart for all of the above’s known passions: weed, skating, the beach, Tecates, Seinfeld, SoCal, the ’90s, VHS technology, In-N-Out, the occult, The Simpsons, to name just a few. The sound of the supergroup is a promising cross-fade of all three members’ individual projects—reverbed vocals and fuzzed-out guitars in all their laid-back glory.

Spirit Club promises “a special surprise” on February 14 (also Joel’s birthday), and plans to release a full-length some time this spring.


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