WATCH: Margo Price and Jeremy Ivey Cover John Lennon’s “Nobody Told Me”

The video arrives with news of a delayed release date for Price’s That’s How Rumors Get Started.

Yesterday NPR launched a new chapter in their Tiny Desk concert series—one unfortunately symptomatic of the times. Margo Price debuted the series’ new work-from-home policy, delivering her performance from isolation in the attic of her home along with collaborator Jeremy Ivey (whether intentional or not, there was an actually tiny desk used as a set piece).

This morning, the duo returned to the space to share a recording of yet another quarantine Lennon cover—Price and Ivey delivered a tasteful acoustic rendition of the Beatle’s Milk and Honey single to soften the blow of the news that the release date for Price’s anticipated new record That’s How Rumors Get Started will be postponed indefinitely.

“I would love nothing more than for everyone to hear my next album in its entirety but it’s just not gonna be May 8,” she shared in a press statement. “More realistically, it’s going to be this summer. Even the record plants have halted production of vinyl. I want to be able to play this album live and tour with my band all over the world and I know that time will come.” 

The good news is that she promises we’ll continue to get new singles in the meantime as we wait for a new release date. “Until then, take care of yourselves, be good to each other and this weary planet…and watch what you say and who you trust, because we all know…That’s How Rumors Get Started.”


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