Keep Yourself Busy in Quarantine with Weezer’s New 8-Bit Computer Game

The impossible-to-beat game arrives ahead of the anticipated Van Weezer, out May 15.

If sitting around your apartment all day and all night and all day again with no end in sight has you succumbing to nostalgia, Weezer has crafted the perfect homage to the incredibly frustrating 8-bit computer games that got you all riled up in your youth. Paralleling the ill-conceived level of difficulty of Super Nintendo games like, uh, Aladdin and The Lion King, the rockers have devised The End of the Game, an homage to these classics and a reference to their recent single of the same name.

With the album that song appears on still slated for release in May, the group is keeping fans busy with a free-to-play (and surprisingly playable) project in collaboration with Jason Oda (whose work includes Waking and The Emo Game). You can play as any of the band members, and are tasked with shooting up baddies as familiar Weezer iconography flashes by. See for yourself here.

In addition, Weezer welcomes you to spice up your Zoom meetings with custom backgrounds. Check the link in their tweet below.


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