Chelsea Peretti Drops Coffee-Themed “Foam and Flotsam” EP, Shares Two Videos

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine comedian reveals just how much she’s thought about caffeine this past year.

Every once in a while an artist will scan the zeitgeist and recognize that certain subjects are entirely absent from cultural conversations, taking it upon themselves to fill that void with their own art—regardless of whether or not it’s outside of their typical medium. What I’m getting at is that Chelsea Peretti announced today that she’s releasing an entire concept album about coffee, and has preceded this release with an entire EP about coffee, as well as two music videos entirely about—you guessed it—coffee.

Foam and Flotsam is streaming today, and to get you in the mood for the actress/comedian/songwriter’s vision for the project (and range) she’s also shared music videos for the singles “LATE” and “OATMILK.” While the former is an angsty acoustic ballad with a shocking narrative twist, the latter is a dance-floor-ready collaboration with Reggie Watts

There’s no word on the release date for the full album, but Peretti promises a June debut, as well as collaborations with Kathleen Hanna, Hannibal Buress, CHIKA, Nick Kroll, Andy Milonakis, Juliette Lewis, Terry Crews, Patti Haririson, and Wale. Watch the videos below, and stream the EP here.


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