Bored? Listen to 30 Hours of Cloud Nothings Live Sets

ICYMI, the Cleveland rockers quietly uploaded 27 live recordings to their Bandcamp page last Friday.

The second Bandcamp Day in two months saw an uptick in the already-chaotic festivities of the new digital-shopping holiday, filling inboxes with announcements, reminders, and recommendations to make the most of the event. Cloud Nothings’ contribution to all this noise was not one but twenty-seven newly uploaded releases to the band’s page, all of which are recordings of live sets from the past decade, recorded all over the U.S., U.K., and Europe.

It’s the first we’ve heard from the Cleveland punks since 2018’s LP Last Building Burning, and it should take listeners some time to dissect. There are a few recordings from the band’s lo-fi, power-pop infancy, the earliest of which sees Dylan Baldi and his band playing NYC’s Knitting Factory back in 2010, with a Daytrotter set from the same year also in the mix. The latest installment sees them hitting WFMU’s studio in New Jersey, playing a twenty-five minutes set and wrapping things up with a short interview. 

All of these twenty-seven releases are streaming now on CN’s Bandcamp page, all available for purchase for just $5. Download those now, or wait until the next Bandcamp Day on June 5.


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