PREMIERE: Liberty Phoenix and Collin Whitlock’s Capes Unveil “Looking Out for Me” Video

The song is the first release from the Launched Artists Digital Singles Series leading up to River Phoenixs 50th birthday.

Last week we announced the Launched Artists Digital Singles Series with Rain Phoenix’s LaunchLeft label and podcast, a special series of single and video releases leading up to River Phoenix’s fiftieth birthday on August 23. Over the next few months, we’ll be debuting new music videos from select artists, kicking off today with a new project called Capes from Collin Whitlock and River and Rain’s younger sister Liberty.

“The song is about the bittersweet moments found in the turmoil of walking on eggshells,” reveals Liberty about “Looking Out for Me,” a stark piano and cello ballad soundtracking grainy black-and-white images. “Mental health issues are not black and white, whether it be addiction, alcoholism or a mental illness, the individual and those affected by it are human, deserve respect, empathy and kindness. This video is dedicated to empathy, to righting the wrongs of the past, and to being mindful as to how we empower each other to shine. Capes on.”

Watch the video below and check them out tomorrow on the latest episode of LaunchLeft.


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