Watch the Stars of the Original “Valley Girl” Movie Reunite in a Video Conference

Deborah Foreman, E.G. Daily, and Heidi Holicker chat with Amy Talkington, writer of the new musical adaptation.

Last week we featured a roundtable interview reuniting the three original “Valley Girls” from the 1983 cult classic (Deborah Foreman, E.G. Daily, and Heidi Holicker), setting them up to chat with Amy Talkington, writer of the new musical adaptation. The interview came on the heels of the new Valley Girl launching for streaming and in drive-in theaters across the country, just weeks after the original movie was finally made available to stream as well.

After Frank Zappa‘s 1982 satirical hit song “Valley Girl” with his teenage daughter Moon Unit Zappa inspired national fascination with youth culture in “the Valley,” this mysterious land where teenagers spoke phrases like “Like, oh my god / Like, totally / Encino is, like, so bitchen,” the original Valley Girl film perfectly captured teenage spirit in SoCal in the ’80s with an iconic new wave soundtrack featuring Sparks, Psychedelic Furs, Modern English, The Plimsouls, and Josie Cotton, among others. The film also launched the career of a nineteen-year-old Nicolas Cage.

Now you can like, totally, watch highlights from our memorable catch-up with “Julie,” “Loryn,” and “Stacey” below, and read the full interview here


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