PREMIERE: Thunder Jackson Defines His Identity in “Find Yourself” Video

The Oklahoman songwriter serves up a flashy visual for his dance-friendly new single.

About three years ago, music blogs were a-murmur with talk of an up-and-coming new artist named Thunder Jackson, the brainchild of a seventeen-year-old from Oklahoma introducing himself via email to any site that would listen with a music video for a song called “Guilty Party.” We now know some backstory on Jackson—including the fact that he’s the son of an Elvis impersonator, inspiring him to learning instruments at a young age.

The latest from Jackson arrives today in the form of a music video for his brand new single “Find Yourself,” an optimistic and self-searching pop anthem built for stadium tours, regarding our personal journeys to discover our true selves. “As humans, we all seek to define our identity,” Jackson notes of the single. “It’s a lifelong journey. Some days we feel we know exactly who we are. Others, we don’t recognize the person in the mirror. And that’s what ‘Find Yourself’ is all about. It’s a song for the lost, a song for the found, and a reminder that we are not alone in our struggles to find ourselves.” 

The video for “Find Yourself” was shot by MTV Music Video Award nominated director Dano Cerney, and features an ecstatic Jackson belting the song out on the hood of a car. “I am over the moon with excitement to release ‘Find Yourself,'” he concludes. “It has been a long journey to get to this point; a journey of really losing myself and finding myself again. So let’s throw some glitter on and let’s dance together.”

Stream the track, released via Vero Music/ADA, below. Depending on factors completely outside of his control, he’ll be on tour with Milky Chance beginning in late September.


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