PREMIERE: Broadside Announce New LP “Into the Raging Sea” with First Single

“The Raging Sea” arrives today with a music video ahead of the July 24 release date for their SharpTone debut.

Following recent news of their signing to SharpTone Records, today Broadside are officially announcing their third studio album: Into the Raging Sea. The heavy pop-punk ensemble will share the LP with the world July 24, and frontman Ollie Baxxter promises it can “drown your hopes and dreams, bury all your sadness in the darkness of the deep, or float you through the hours as they pass you by with ease.”

To properly introduce the record, the band is sharing the near-title track and album opener “The Raging Sea,” which transitions dramatically from its moody post-rock intro to a dramatic climax wherein Baxxter gives us his best Chester Bennington. “‘The Raging Sea’ is about the pressure of accepting your own reality,” Baxxter shares of the track. “Admittedly, there were months where Broadside felt like a sinking ship. I carried the weight of fear around with me everywhere. After every tour, after smaller than expected record sales, and in every conversation. I was afraid that at any moment, it could all be over and my dream would be stolen from me.

“Over-thinker, they called me,” he continues. “I allowed myself to unwind into a spiraling fear of rejection because I felt the pressure of someone else’s paycheck. In all my years of gripping at my dreams, I had allowed myself to become a small chunk of change for someone else. Someone who did not care what happened to me in the end. I don’t recommend drowning to anyone, but while I was down there I learned something about myself. I learned that carrying around all that extra weight was only dooming me to one outcome. So I let it go.”

Watch the video below.


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