WATCH: Yeah Yeah Yeahs Perform a Socially Distanced “Phenomena”

Karen O performs the Show Your Bones track from the closet with her band phoned in.

It’s a particularly bad moment in history to be named Karen, but Karen O is doing her best at salvaging the name by reminding us of the animalistic live shows once put on by her band Yeah Yeah Yeahs. In April she shared a pretty tame solo video from her glammed-up closet where she performed the early YYYs single “Our Time,” and she returned to the closet this past weekend with her band to play a rousing rendition of “Phenomena.”

O and guitarist Nick Zinner resuscitated the 2006 single with Karen tapping into her unhinged on-stage persona, donning Pharaoh headgear, holding the mic in her mouth, and loudly inviting us to party. This time around, the closet’s decked out in golden streamers—I can only imagine this is what Karen O’s closets look like year-round, regardless of its temporary status of makeshift stage.

Watch the video below.


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