PREMIERE: Hater Explore the Human Condition on Loose Single “Sift”

The Swedish band unearths an old tune in lieu of their cancelled tour with The Radio Dept.

Hater is bound to be your next Scandinavian indie pop obsession. The Malmö-based foursome first broke out with their 2017 debut You Tried, reaching acclaim abroad and here in America. Their newest single, “Sift,” which we’re premiering today, is actually a previously unreleased track from the Tried era reworked during sessions for a forthcoming new record. 

It’s not surprising that fellow Swedish indie heroes The Radio Dept. were set to bring the band on tour in the States before the pandemic, as Hater mines a similarly tuneful territory with a clear reverence for their American progenitors. With its pretty, delicately plucked guitar intro and spartan drum work, “Sift” aligns itself well with the band’s previously infectious output. Though never shy about mixing a little classic rockism with their pop, Hater wrings out some nice twang from their strings here, recalling Built to Spill at their shaggiest. Caroline Landhal’s sighing vocals betray the song’s build, reaching an exasperated peak before a sweeping coda guides the song to a close. 

“Sift” feels both like a natural progression for the young group and an excising of their prior phase, something like a mash note to the fans (or their former selves) before the next album rollout cycle starts anew. Hater calls it a song about “love, the human condition and the dimensions within these relationships—those moments of realization when we come together.” Feels fitting despite our inability to all be in the same room right now.

“Sift” is out digitally today on Fire Records—grab it here.


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