PREMIERE: Cub Sport Capture the Trippy Beauty of a Wild Sunset in “I Feel Like I Am Changin’” Video

The Aussie pop group share a reflective new single and a micro-dosed visual.

Whether we want to or not, we’re all taking plenty of time to reflect lately. The past few months (not to mention the unforeseeable future) have provided us with ample at-home hours to mull things over—with or without the assistance of psychedelic drugs.

The new single and video from Aussie pop ensemble Cub Sport opts for the former, the band’s totally relaxed instrumentation soundtracking vocalist Tim Nelson’s contemplative lyrics. “I wrote this song at the end of 2019 upon arriving home after months of back-to back touring,” Nelson shares of the track, which will appear on the group’s forthcoming LP Like Nirvana. “I was so happy to be back in Brisbane and it felt like I was seeing everything through fresh eyes; all the beauty that had been there all along. There’s freedom and joy to be found in a mindset of abundance and that’s really what this song feels like to me—gentle and soaring freedom.”

The video matches the psychedelic high of the track, warping imagery of the aforementioned Australian city, and enhancing colors. “This video captures the dream-like mood of ‘I Feel Like I Am Changin’,’” Nelson continues. “It’s like micro-dosing shrooms through a hazy apocalyptic night, only to be greeted with a heavenly sunrise waiting on the other side. It captures the trippy beauty of a wild sunset and the inward journey of moving through different coloured seasons of life. We captured all of the footage on our phones in surrounding neighbourhoods over the last couple of weeks of isolation.”

Watch the clip below, and expect Like Nirvana out July 24.


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