LISTEN: “Up All Nite with Prince” Podcast Looks Back on the 2000s

Members of his band, special guests, and fans look back at new millennium Prince.

Prince historians are taking it back to the dawn of the millennium. The Prince estate and Minneapolis public radio station The Current have teamed for Up All Nite with Prince, a two-part podcast that looks back at the artist during a most critical moment of his career.

“He was provoking the audience and his fans to be open minded, to listen to different music,” Prince’s keyboardist Renato Neto explains in the podcast, hosted by Andrea Swensson of The Current. “He was just brewing onstage. The composition was free. He was free,” adds Prince’s longtime live engineer, Scottie Baldwin.

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The podcast also examines Prince’s annual Paisley Park Celebration events, which kicked off during this era. He’d invite emerging artists to perform at the hallowed compound.

“Performing at Paisley Park was my first experience of really getting to be around Prince, and that’s something that I value as one of my greatest life moments,” revealed Common in the first episode of Up All Nite.

The podcast arrives in conjunction with the reissue campaign of Prince’s early 2000s music, including more obscure titles including The Rainbow Children and One Nite Alone… Stream the new reissues here and find physical versions here.

Episode one of the podcast, titled “The Atrium,” is available here. Episode 2, “It Ain’t Over,” launches on June 3.


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