PREMIERE: Ivan Ave Gurneys Back Into Society in “Hope/Nope” Video

The Sasac-featuring track from Double Goodbyes gets an aesthetically pleasing visual treatment.

For a while now there’s been an oddly recurring connection between hip-hop and Seinfeld, from certain Wale mixtape covers to studied references from the likes of Kendrick and Lupe. But when Ivan Ave announced his latest LP Double Goodbyes last year, we saw just how wide a reach the ’90s sitcom had on rap, going so far as to inspire a young emcee from Norway.

Still riding on the success of that record, released in April, Ivan’s returning today with a video for the Sasac-featuring track “Hope/Nope” wherein the rapper gets pulled through a city in a gurney amid general aesthetically pleasing imagery. “The video came about right after the initial phase of self-isolation here in Oslo. Mats, Thomas, and I really wanted to get out of the house and create something, but we of course had to wait until restrictions were softened up enough. I think we brought that energy into the execution of Mats’ ideas. I think the song is a good fit with that energy. That restlessness combined with a dreamy slumber.”

Looking back on Goodbyes’ reception, he continues: “I honestly thought more of my listeners would object. But I guess I underestimated my people. To me the record feels both like a break with my previous stuff, and like a continuation of my project as a whole. Super gratifying to know that I have a following that embraces my explorations. I can only give back by exploring my music brain further.”

Watch the clip below.


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