Relax Your Mind with Eddie Chacon’s “My Mind Is Out of Its Mind”

The soulful single comes from the vocalist’s album Pleasure, Joy and Happiness, out July 31.

Eddie Chacon rose to prominence over a quarter of a decade ago with his and Charles Pettigrew’s 1992 track “Would I Lie to You” which, among other things, soundtracked the surreal Super Mario Brothers movie the following year. But today he’s staying relevant as a solo act, working with all-star producer John Carroll Kirby and receiving praise from contemporary songwriters like Mac DeMarco, who’s called him “planet earth’s number one musician.”

Chacon is holding up that designation today with another smooth single from his forthcoming LP Pleasure, Joy and Happiness called “My Mind Is Out of My Mind.” In spite of its anxious subject matter, it’s the perfect song to unwind to after a chaotic couple of days. 

“‘My Mind is Out of Its Mind’ sounds like a relationship song, but I was really just trying to articulate how the price of self-reflection can sometimes be regret,” Chacon shares. “It was a rare track on the record where John Carroll Kirby wrote the track to my lyrics and melody ideas. Usually we write the other way around.”

Pleasure, Joy and Happiness is out July 31 digitally with a physical release date still to be determined—you can pre-order it now from LITA here.


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