PREMIERE: Fleece Adjust to Change with “So Long”

It’s the second of three singles promised for 2020 by the Montreal quartet.

It was pretty much radio silence from Fleece between the release of their sophomore album Voyager three years ago and the release of their single “Love Song for the Hater” back in April. “Love Song” was the first of three singles promised for release in 2020 from the Montreal-based pop ensemble, who are continuing along with that promise today by releasing single #2, “So Long.”

The follow-up track has all the pep of its predecessor, with vocalist Matt Rogers’ soft vocals melding with the song’s sunny instrumentation. According to Rogers, the song’s disposition counters its lyrics, which are more in tune with the rapid change taking hold of our country and the post-COVID world.

“The lyrics describe feeling as though your only connection to the world is through your phone,” he shares. “It’s about saying goodbye to the world we lived in before Twitter, smartphones, and Reddit. The times when we used to show up to each other’s houses unannounced and it wasn’t weird. Now, however, in the context of COVID-19, the song sounds like it’s about saying goodbye to the world we lived in before the virus. Either way, I hope people find themselves and their own interpretation in these lyrics and do so while dancing the day away. I hope the vibes the song brings can help people find some light in this darkness.”

Sample the track below, and consider purchasing it—all proceeds in the month June will benefit the Black Youth Helpline the National Women’s Association of Canada, and the Black Coalition for Aids Prevention.


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