The Midnight Share an Electrifying Slow Dance With “Prom Night”

The synth-heavy duo’s new album Monsters arrives July 10 via Counter Records.

In a few weeks, The Midnight will share their latest collection of neon-drenched singles with the fifteen-track LP Monsters. The involvement of Counter Records—home to releases from the likes of ODESZA, FRENSHIP, RAC, and more all-caps synth acts—tells you what you can expect if you’re not already familiar with the LA-based synthwave duo, though their rich Bandcamp discography is probably a better resource for that.

The pair are sharing their fourth single from the record today with “Prom Night,” a clear descendent of ’80s high school dance staples like When in Rome’s “The Promise.” While it’s a bit late to be soundtracking virtual school dances, the introspective lyrics on relationships prove that it’s anything but a once-a-year listen.

“David Foster Wallace says that every love story is a ghost story too,” the group shares. “If we can forget how a relationship ended, and forget the string of love and loss over the next decade; if we can trim the footage just right, the memory still plays like a love story, forever in bloom, suspended, impossibly holding that hand. And, if we really focus, we can balance ourselves in that moment, standing between two worlds. Some ghost stories are love stories too.”

Stream the track below—and visit The Midnight’s site to have a personalized playlist of prom hits from your high school days generated.


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