Watch Active Child Perform “Cruel World” on a Hillside Behind His Studio

Its the first video in the songwriters outdoor Sun Rooms Series.

Although we haven’t been able to experience new music in the context of a live setting for some months now, it’s been cool to see artists get creative with pandemic-safe alternatives—such as playing a track from your recently released LP on the side of a hill outside of your studio.

Such is the case with Active Child‘s performance of In Another World single “Cruel World,” which he filmed for his Sun Rooms Series recently. Stripped to harp and vocals, the original song’s haunting beauty feels at home in this natural setting.

“This is the first of a series filmed on the hillside behind my studio,” Patrick Grossi shares of the project. “It started as a way to connect during quarantine and evolved into something more. I performed three songs this day, ‘Cruel World’ being the last. After I finished I just sat for a moment when I heard what I thought was a bird in the brush. I opened my eyes to see that a newborn fawn had stumbled into the shade of the oaks I was under. It was a serious moment, both symbolic and prescient.”

He continues, “The next day my wife gave birth to our second child, a boy. I held him in my arms thinking of that little fawn, wondering what became of it. ‘Cruel World’ is that moment to me. It’s the coin toss of life and a plea for our humanity. It’s a reminder to take nothing for granted and to always keep your arms open to accept the pain of others.”

Watch the video below. In Another World is out now, with vinyl options announced today.


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