Ghetto Kumbé Release the Ritualistic and Riveting “Tambó”

Exploring the dynamics of love,  the tribal-tinged single is a glimpse into the Afrofuturist trio’s ethereal debut.

Following the release of the pulsing “Vamo a Dale Duro” and the dreamier soundscape of “Sola,” the upbeat, tribal beats of Ghetto Kumbé’s new single “Tambó” explore the shifts of love through a deep Afro-Caribbean trance, and gives a glimpse into their upcoming self-titled debut, out July 31.

Blending African, European, and Latin American beats in their musical montage, even tapping the gaita—a bagpipe-like instrument used by the indigenous people of Colombia’s Caribbean coast—the trio, consisting of band leader and singer Edgardo Garcés “Guajiro” (also known as El Guajiro) and percussionists Chongo and Doctor Keyta, Ghetto Kumbé blend the rhythmic beats of their Columbian heritage with digitized house beats.

Ethnic textures and melodies glued together by hand drums, call-and-response vocals, all topped off by electronic production from co-producer Oliver Williams (aka The Busy Twist).

“For me the drum and the percussion are something that move me a lot, so it was really important during the healing process, through each beat of the drum and every moment of singing, every dance move, joyful laughter amid the tears,” says Guajiro. “In the end it turned out well, we were able to end up dancing and laughing and thinking happy thoughts.”

“Tambó” offers an uplifting respite from the melancholy longing, nostalgia, and ultimate forgiveness following a love that has gone forever through its anthemic chant of Tambó, Tambó. Created by artist Nuino Visual with animation by Rafatoon, fluorescent video visions follow Kumbé’s celestial musical journey on “Tambó” in the track’s official video premiering below. “Tambó” is part of a greater healing soundtrack—at moments transcending reality and reverting back to a dream-like state—offering some calm and renewal during the current, uncertain times in the world.

Of “Tambó,” Guajiro, who also recently produced a quarantine version of the track from his home, says, “This is the moment to breathe, to exhale, and to throw out everything that overwhelms us.”

Watch both the animated visual and the quarantine version of “Tambó” below.


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