Freeman Young Salvages a Throwaway Beat on “No Nevermind”

Miguel Maravilla’s instrumental propels the new single from Young’s debut EP, out later this year.

Last month, British Columbian R&B singer Freeman Young made good on the promise he made back in 2016 with his SoundCloud hit “Awreddy” by sharing another satisfying hit with “Running Back.” After winning the attention of Republic Records, Young plans to include the single on his debut EP, out later this year, along with his newest track he’s dropping today entitled “No Nevermind.”

Made in collaboration with his Expo Line production collective—Xander Miller and Franco and Miguel Maravilla—the single sounds way too well-polished for its happenstance origin story. “I had just come out of the bathroom at the studio when I heard Miguel working on an instrumental with an infectious refrain,” Young shares. “It literally stopped me in my tracks. I decided to be a busybody and open the door to his production room to ask him what the hell that sound was. He nonchalantly told me that the track was just a throwaway, and he had cooked it up just for fun. He told me that it was mine if I wanted it. I said ‘Absofuckinglutely.’ He sent it to me on the spot. Five cups of coffee later, I wrote ‘No Nevermind’ that same night.”

A single electric guitar line opens up into bass-heavy percussion moments into the song, all accompanied by Young’s soothing voice which busts the song open about three minutes in. “I’d like to think that if I didn’t need to piss so badly at that exact time, I wouldn’t have walked past the production room Miguel was working in, and this record, as-is, wouldn’t exist,” he concludes. “All praises due to Miguel, Xander, Franco, Eddie [Taylor], Spike [Stent] and Mike [Tucci], and my frail bladder.”

Hear the new track below with its neon-glow visual.


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