Photographer Kyle Johnson Talks About Life During COVID in Debut Episode of Our New “Field Recordings” Series

The series will offer an inside look at how individuals across the country are coping with the pandemic.

For many of us, our careers and personal lives were flipped upside down a few months back when the country started shutting down due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Likewise, while things are still far from being returned to normal, many of us are beginning to figure things out in terms of what the much-talked-about “new normal” means for us individually.

To get a better understanding of how certain individuals are managing to hold things together in the midst of COVID-19, we’re launching a new short content series called “Field Recordings” to offer an inside look at the folks who continue to pursue their passions (or take on new ones) with lockdown still being indefinite.

The debut episode sees New York Times freelance photographer Kyle Johnson land on his feet after a hiatus from live shoots. The photog discusses his move to Vermont to work on a flower farm with friends, and how he was able to turn a new excess of free time into something fulfilling. “After a month and a half of not leaving my apartment I was going kind of crazy,” he shares. “It sounds kind of cheesy, but it’s nice to have more of a sense of purpose when I wasn’t shooting anything for over a month, and it started to feel kind of sad. Like, ‘What am I even doing?’”

Watch the full clip below.


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