Supersuckers and Eddie Vedder Share Cover of Ramones’ “I Believe in Miracles”

The Pearl Jam frontman joined the band onstage in Seattle back in June 2014.

The summer of 2014 was crucial for Supersuckers singer/bassist Eddie Spaghetti. As the band was finishing a tour, the rocker had been diagnosed with throat cancer. On the last night of the tour, June 19, 2014, Supersuckers wrapped up the run with a show in Seattle.

“It was a memorable night in many ways,” Spaghetti says. “Of course Eddie Vedder showed up, but so did Blind Marky Felchtone, who has been an ally for many years and is a super talent. It also felt like everyone in the crowd was a friend of mine and there was a lot of love in the room. From the first note ‘til the last, it just seemed like everyone was on our side.”

Vedder and Spaghetti got together after the gig, and the Pearl Jam singer was eager to help his friend in need.

“Vedder talked to me for a long time, and pointed me in a direction to get my shit cured and was super helpful with getting me hooked up with a support team of doctors and hospitals that I would probably not have had access to without his assistance,” Spaghetti revealed. “He also wrote a big fat check to help get me through the hard times of not being able to work that was to come. It was all above and beyond the call for him to provide all that help. I will be forever indebted to him. He’s a good one.”

That night at the Supersuckers shows, Vedder joined the band for a cover of the Ramones track, “I Believe in Miracles,” from their 1989 album Brain Drain.  The recording was recently unearthed on an old hard drive, and here we have it. Listen below.

Supersuckers fans should head over to the band’s official website, where Eddie Spaghetti has regularly been hosting special behind-the-song style acoustic Living Room Sessions. Spaghetti also connected with a cavalcade of punk luminaries including Steven McDonald of Redd Kross and Ben Weasel of Scratching Weasel to record the benefit track, “Flatten the Curve.”

The single release of “I Believe in Miracles” is out officially on Friday via iTunes and Spotify.


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