Watch Liza Anne Play “I Wanna Be There” and “Bad Vacation” in Her Hometown for “Neighborhoods”

The songwriter’s Bad Vacation tour sees her play on St. Simon Island, Georgia.

Our “Neighborhoods” series so far has taken us through LA county and the Southern states of the Midwest—and today songwriter Liza Anne is providing some new scenery, playing two songs from her new LP Bad Vacation (out tomorrow, July 24) from a house in her hometown of St. Simon Island, Georgia, which she’s visiting with her parents for a break from their respective quarantines. “It’s so weird being in a different place after being quarantined for a month…or, I mean, I think three months now,” she says between tracks.

Strumming thorough album cuts “I Wanna Be There” and the title track, her stripped-down acoustic set feels appropriately complemented by the sounds of gulls squawking (“Those are seagulls,” she interrupts “Be There” at one point to announce) and waves crashing in the distance. Watch it below.


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