Melted Bodies Announce Debut Album “Enjoy Yourself,” Share Feature Film–Length Video for “Club Anxious”

The experimental offshoot of Local Natives turn their single into a guided meditation.

Back in January, freakcore ensemble Melted Bodies introduced themselves with an infuriating music video for their single “Ad People” which further fractured their mathy hardcore sound with interspersed—and, uh, pretty realistic—fictionalized YouTube ads that recreate the irritation of trying to navigate the internet in 2020. 

The mysterious fourpiece (somewhere in there is a former member of the significantly less weird Local Natives) is following this up with news of a new record, Enjoy Yourself, and another seriously avant-garde music video, which this time takes the form of a two-hour guided meditation very much at odds with the band’s chaotic sound. While their track “Club Anxious” appears as I imagine it will sound on the LP in the first seven minutes of the visual, the remaining one hundred and thirteen pair remixed snippets of audio over the type of seriously relaxing footage you see every time that friend you met in your philosophy class sends you a video of an Alan Watts reading. 

Watch the video below (probably very intentionally freeze-framed on the word “pus”). You can pre-order the record—and learn more about the band, albeit in an explicitly non-biographical form—here. And before you ask, all meat cleanse marbled meat editions will arrive wrapped in butchers paper bound in twine.


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