Jukebox the Ghost’s Tommy Siegel Shares “State of Affairs” From His Solo Debut

Along with the second track from Another Century Wasted, Siegel answers some of our most pressing questions in cartoon form.

Since co-founding Jukebox the Ghost nearly twenty years ago, Tommy Siegel has earned additional celebrity status as a cartoonist, illustrating panels and posting them to his personal Instagram account. Earlier this month, he announced he’d be adding another dimension to this solo career: a debut album under his given name.

Another Century Wasted will drop August 21, and the second single, “State of Affairs,” blends JTB’s indie-pop sound with some distinctive Talking Heads instrumentation. Despite its pleasant tone, it’s a song he describes as being about “the hellscape of Trump’s America”—stream it below, and keep scrolling for a brief Q&A which Siegel answered, naturally, in cartoon form.

What made you realize now was the time to go solo?

How would you compare writing solo material to working with a band?

What’s the weirdest habit you’ve picked up in quarantine?


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