Watch Frank Turner Cover NOFX’s “Bob” From His Garden in North London for “Neighborhoods”

The cover is included in his recent split with the West Coast punks.

Frank Turner followed up last year’s No Man’s Land in a rather unexpected way last month: with a split LP of folk-punk NOFX covers complemented by the skate punk band’s own covers of Turner’s tracks. It seems a mutual respect led to a fruitful collaboration in which a handful of the artists’ best tracks were reworked to suit the respective coverers’ sonic palettes. 

One such track was NOFX’s 1992 ska-flavored single “Bob,” which Turner reinvents as a smooth acoustic rock track. “I’ve loved this song since I first heard it as a teenager, but always thought it had the ghost of a classic country song hiding in it somewhere, something like George Jones,” he shares. “So for the covers split I decided to lean on that angle, and here we are.”

It’s this song that Frank chose to play for his “Neighborhoods” session, filming a fully acoustic rendition of the song from his peaceful North London backyard. Watch the clip below, and hear more from his collaboration with NOFX here.


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