Neil Young Sues Donald Trump for Copyright Infringement, Posts Legal Complaint to His Website

Young looks to collect after years of Trump playing his songs at campaign rallies.

After teasing a lawsuit against Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. last week, it looks like Neil Young is officially going through with it—the songwriter posted the full legal complaint to his Neil Young Archives website today, which appears under a headline simply labeled “COMPLAINT” where it looks like he’ll be outlining the legal battle.

While the impetus for this suit appears to have been Trump’s using his music at a Mount Rushmore rally and at the immediately infamous (and now officially lethal) Tulsa rally, Young has been vocal about Trump’s usage of his music since Trump launched his campaign in 2015. The suit also coincides with a separate initiative by the likes of Lorde, R.E.M., Jason Isbell, and other artists demanding that politicians (mostly Trump) stop using their songs for campaigns and other political purposes, of which Young is also involved.

Probably related, hear Young’s recent single “Lookin’ for a Leader 2020” below.


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