Roberto Gets KO’d By Technology in His Playful “DORRIGO” Video

The debut single from the LA-based songwriter arrives with a goofy—if not relatable—visual.

It can be exhausting competing with technology for the short attention spans of friends and loved ones—and with subjects of affection it also often feels like a losing battle. Even when you’re with them, there’s always a cellphone in between you, boxing you out when you’re trying to make a move.

This is the subject of the new video from the singular voice of Roberto Ortiz—born and raised in Indiana before moving to Mexico to be with family, and ultimately giving LA a shot—whose debut single lends itself to a comic visual that sees the artist (who just goes by Roberto) square up in the ring against a human-sized cellphone. Like the song, it would be a tragedy if it weren’t so playful.

“Dorrigo is a city in Australia and a song about a deep connection with a loved one who moved back home to Australia,” Roberto notes of the song, which matches the pop-soukous sounds of Vampire Weekend and the yearning falsettos of The Weeknd. “My inspiration came from the subsequent feelings of separation, isolation, and the accompanying anxieties which go into overdrive every time she calls me up! Given today’s craziness and self-quarantine, we are all in pain and I hope people can relate to mine.”

Watch the clip below.


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