Molly Drag Shares Loose Track “They Came Out Running,” Announces Hiatus

Michael Hansford’s latest single—written immediately post-Touchstone—will be his last for some time.

It’s coming up on a year now since Michael Hansford released his last LP as Molly DragTouchstone, released last October, was a brief-yet-heart-rendering look at returning home after a prolonged absence and feeling that overwhelming sense of nostalgia for all the highs and lows from your upbringing. In retrospect, it sort of feels like the perfect send-off for the project—at least for the time being.

Today, Hansford is sharing a loose track called “They Came Out Running” that he recorded shortly after Touchstone dropped last fall, and which echoes the record’s soft-rock experimentalism. It particularly recalls the upbeat closer, “Cherry Red,” which feels appropriate considering Hansford’s celebrating four months of sobriety. 

“This song is about the chaos substances have caused me and people close to me throughout the years,” he shares. “It was recorded over the winter, right after the release of Touchstone and before I started writing a new album this year that I recently finished, but have decided to nest on for a while as I feel like I need to step back from music and focus more on my growth as a person.”

Let “They Came Out Running” tide you over below.


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