Never Loved Get Stuck in Their Heads in “Over It” Video

The Florida punks’ new single was co-written by All-American Rejects’ Nick Wheeler.

As we patiently await the debut record from Southern Floridian Equal Vision signees Never Loved, the pop-punk group continues to keep us interested in what they have in store. Today they’re sharing a video for a brand new track produced by Matt Squire (Taking Back Sunday, Kesha) and co-written by All-American Rejects’ Nick Wheeler, which matches the catchy hooks and punk angst associated with both names.

“I wrote ‘Over It’ when I was going through a wave of bad days.,” shares NL’s Camm Knopp. “I was constantly overthinking and letting myself get the best of me. It was difficult to fall asleep most nights and each morning was riddled with the same mixed emotions of frustration and dejection. Out of the blue, a melody came to mind which led me to write ‘Over It.’ This song will always be a reminder to me that no matter what I’m going through, I have the strength to get through it. I think we all have that ability deep down.”

To illustrate the frustration of getting stuck in this headspace, the band filmed a video for the track wherein they’re crammed in a tiny room imposing on their ability to play their instruments. Watch it below. 


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