Glass Animals Answer Your Burning Questions

Singer Dave Bayley and “Dreamland” video director Colin Read answer questions for our “FQA (Fan Questions Answered)” video.

How many takes were needed to capture Glass Animals’ “Dreamland” music video—and what’s the story behind the big-ass palm tree? If these questions and more have been nagging at you since May when the video was released, Dave Bayley and video director Colin Read have your answers.

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The pair were gracious enough to answer your questions a little while back when we caught up with them to chat about the roadblocks involved in filming videos during quarantine. On top of video-related questions, Bayley even gets into navigating stereotypes in the music industry and the future of GA’s live shows. Watch the twelve-minute Q&A below mediated by FLOOD contributor Max Freedman—and to go further behind the scenes on the “Dreamland” shoot, here’s Glass Animals’ segment from our “Music Videos in the Age of Quarantine” video series. 



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