Here’s What Sneaks Is Listening to Right Now

Eva Moolchan shares eleven tracks she’s had on repeat leading up to the release of Happy Birthday.

Not only has August 2020 seen the release of a guest-heavy new LP from producer Jacknife Lee, but at the end of this week we’ll also see yet another collection of minimal-wave poetry from Jacknife collaborator Sneaks, who appeared on The Jacknife Lee and corralled the producer to work on the forthcoming Happy Birthday. Sneaks—the project of D.C. musician Eva Moolchan—has been pretty consistently releasing LPs since 2016, though by no means does that diminish the impact of the stuttering beats and blasé verses of the new project.

Ahead of Friday’s release date, Moolchan sent us over a handful of tracks she’s been jamming lately, ranging from Biggie to B-52s (assuming Eiffel 65 fits somewhere on that wide spectrum). Nothing on here quite matches the experimental, often percussion-heavy beats of her music, though the inventive instrumentation of TNGHT et al doesn’t feel too far removed. Stream the full track list below, and pre-order Happy Birthday here.


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