Watch Video Age Play “Shadow on the Wall” in New Orleans for “Neighborhoods”

The Louisiana rockers perform the Pleasure Line single from Ray Micarelli’s backyard.

Video Age’s third album Pleasure Line has been out in the world for a little over a week now with the record’s ten breezy new-wave tracks proving the perfect soundtrack to hot late-summer afternoons that get a little too lethargic. The synth-led tracks are nearly therapeutic for such moments where you feel yourself sinking into your couch, working up the willpower to get up and top off your G&T.

Performing the Pleasure Line cut “Shadow on the Wall” for us recently for “Neighborhoods,” the group prove their songs work just as well as acoustic cuts, swapping the layers of goofy synth sounds for an acoustic strum, a minimalist drumbeat, and backing female harmonies. Hear the track, recorded in the cozy backyard of Ray Micarelli, below—and watch more from “Neighborhoods” here.


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